Product Management vs. Jewish Matchmaking

Do you want to see a highly skilled C2C product manager doing product discovery? Watch the reality show series “Jewish Matchmaking” on Netflix. 

I genuinely enjoy reality shows because they provide insight into people’s behavior, making them a great way to gain understanding. This is particularly relevant for product managers, whose job involves understanding people.

I started watching the show Jewish Matchmaking out of curiosity and was amazed by the “product discovery” skills of the matchmaker. 

One might assume that the value a matchmaker provides lies solely in finding appropriate husbands or wives. However, the matchmaker claims that her product’s value is a “happy and lasting marriage.”

She has a deep understanding of her product and asks all the right questions to extract information from her customers. By immediately recognizing the behavioral patterns of her customers, she can adapt her questions to their specific situations.

I highly recommend the show to observe how the matchmaker balances the needs of different stakeholders, manages complex social systems, and provides excellent customer service.