Product Design vs. Product Management

How my product design background helps me make faster product decisions? 

Last week, while reviewing product discovery insights for Quentic‘s mobile app, I had an exciting idea. I immediately began wire-framing user flows but soon realised the flows lacked necessary field names and did not cover all user types.

As I added new flows and field names, the feature became more complex, and my doubts arose about its value. Ultimately, I decided to scope out some parts.

After completing the work, I shared my ideas and concerns with the development team, and we collectively decided to drop the feature.

By delving into the user flows, I was able to question my initial idea and identify potential issues. This would not have been possible by just writing down product requirements.

By doing so, we saved the team’s time and resources. Additionally, we came up with a different and better solution for the same problem which will serve a broader customer base.