Faster Horses

Are you tired of using the “customers want faster horses” example as a reference for understanding customer needs? Here’s a recent and trendy one.

I’m a big fan of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” show, which airs on Amazon. The show follows the story of a female comedian trying to break into the comedy scene in the 1950s.

It’s an amazing story of women’s empowerment, disrupting conservative societal norms and male-dominated sectors and persevering despite many obstacles.

In the third episode of the fifth season, Rose (on the right) asks Susie (on the left), a talent manager, for a gun. However, being an insightful manager, Susie calms Rose down and asks questions to understand the root of the problem.

Through questioning, Susie realizes that Rose’s matchmaking business has been suffering from bullying by competitors, which led to her losing her office and customers.

After understanding Rose’s needs, Susie prioritizes the problems and starts by providing office space for Rose. Instead of giving a gun to Rose, Susie enables the continuation of Rose’s business first and confronts the bullies second.