“Build” Offers Invaluable Lessons for All Industries

I just finished reading “Build” by Tony Fadell. I know, I should have read it earlier.
I think this book is underrated among product managers. Or maybe I just missed the hype when it first came out?

In my opinion, “Build” is a book for everyone, not just product managers or tech founders. First-year university students or even high school seniors would learn a great deal about business, corporate life, management, and how things are handled in the real world. The same challenges and situations occur in every industry. People behave in similar ways, just in different contexts and on different scales. 

Apart from the content, I want to emphasize that the book itself is a fantastic product. It features high-quality paper and an optimal font size for reading. The book feels substantial in your hands. The language is simple and easy to follow. The hardcover is a beautiful, bright color, and there are cute little lemons throughout for added fun. The only thing missing is a ribbon bookmark.

As someone with a design background, I’m particularly curious by the choice to make the dust jacket black and white instead of using the book’s eye-catching orange hardcover color. Wouldn’t an orange dust jacket be more attention-grabbing?