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Those who take part claim the partenr falls through a legal loophole because it is not an offence to have sex in public unless it causes outrage to a witness. Read More The secret fetish club on a Plymouth industrial estate Plymough say they are powerless to stop some incidents Image: Stock image Participants often meet and share information online, and several websites contain lists of popular dogging locations across the region. The websites are constantly updating their lists of local hot-spots, with some users bemoaning the loss of former dogging-friendly car parks they say have now been "taken over by boy racers". Devon and Cornwall Police said previously that the force was trying to tackle the anti-social behaviour, but its powers to stop dogging are limited.

Read More Plymouth's dogging sites map throws up a few surprises Image: Google "The offence is one of public indecency, or public nuisance — so it's difficult to enforce any law. Read More 1.

Google This small car park in woods is paartner as "ideal" by one anonymous user of the website. Residents at the plush housing estate the road plymouht Marsh Mills leads to are unlikely to approve. Clearbrook The car park near Clearbrook is described as 'risky' Image: Google A moorland car park on the road between the A and Clearbrook is also on the list. An anonymous poster claims it is popular in the summer - but warns the practice is a "risky business".

Plymouth Sex partner

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