Holistic Service Design for Higher Education

Design Approach: Competitor Analysis, Field Research, Co-design Workshops

Ipek University was a private university focusing on media, cinema and design. The university was newly establishing, even most of the buildings were under construction. I was a part of team that was responsible for designing services, curriculum, spatial and technical needs for the departments of Film Production, Animation, Game Design, Performing Arts, Visual Communication Design. The challenge was to design the facilities, services and curriculum in a way that allowing professional level productions, not only for educational purposes.

My main responsibilities were leading design process of cinema and design facilities covering visioning, need-finding, determining design requirements, preparing the space program, workflows, adjacencies, procedures, technical design. We applied service design principles such as competitor analysis, field research and co-design workshops.

Competitor Analysis: We made detailed research about the facilities and curriculum of well known cinema and design schools also famous film studios. We wrote an extensive report about out findings.

Field Research: We visited University of Southern California Cinematic Arts Department, teaching facilities and newly made Lucas building. We interviewed with project managers, construction team, technical managers and academicians. USC Cinematic Arts was among the consultants of the university so we were able to learn all their processes in detail. We wrote another research report about the field research.

Co-design Workshops: We presented previous research reports to stakeholders. With all stakeholders, we aligned on the needs, requirements and feasibility.

Outcome: We prepared extensive reports as final requirement and definitions of facilities. We also prepared 5 year program and curriculum plans for design department and cinema school. All the plans and reports are approved by C-level managers and planned for execution.