Airport Collaborative Decision Making

Design Approach: User Tests, User Interviews and Card Sorting

A-CDM is an online platform where all stakeholders (flight operator, airport operator, air traffic control, ground handler) in an airport can monitor the operations carried by each other. It aims at improving the overall efficiency of airport operations by optimising the use of resources and improving the predictability of events.

The software is mainly used by middle-level managers of stakeholder companies at the airport. I conducted user tests and interviews with those managers.

Insights: The most important part of the software is detailed search. Users can search with many parameters and see the exact flight information on the table after making a search. However the search bar section on the version in use scares the user. Search bars seem like they require lots of characters as input. I observed that the users type a very general parameter and try to sort out the exact flight status information among lots of flight data that are presented in the resulting data table. Actually the required amount of characters are 5 characters at maximum for most of the serach input areas. There were also information architecture problems and resulting data table after search was a bit complicated.

Solution: I fixed size of all search input bars to their maximum character. I conducted 2 different card sorting workshops with the users. One for to figure out relations between search parameters. One to figure out relations between data table titles.Depending on card sorting results I re-organized search bars and resulting data table titles. I fixed information architecture problems and introduced a new UI design.