Baggage Reconciliation System Software

Design Approach: Competitor Analysis, Field Research, User Interviews

The main objective in a BRS software is making sure that a passenger’s baggage can be easily located for security requirements.

Brief: There is a monopoly software with very old technology and bad UX. The company is producing a competitor product which is faster and easy to use. I was asked to focus on PDA version at the first phase.

Competitor Analysis: The current product in use has graphics from 90’s, too many drop down controls for a small screen impossible to user with gloves, black and white color, no colours for displaying a warning or a fault.

Field Research: I have spent 2-3 days with baggage handlers at their offices and operation areas in order to fully understand the operation, observe the problems that they are having and conduct interviews.

Insights: The handlers needed to use shortcuts such as ctrl+A in order to make basic procedures on PDA. Accessing to those basic procedures from screen required using the pen because of drop down menus. Handlers were trying to memorise all those shortcuts in order to prevent using the pen since they wear gloves and using the pen with gloves is hard. The handlers were holding the baggage tag with their one hand, holding the PDA with their other hand, scanning the tag and using both their hands to make those key combinations. Baggage handlers were saying that pressing key combinations were making the process too long. It would be nice to keep one hand free so that they can move the baggages around and search for baggage tag easily. Managers were complaining that they don’t have time to teach those key combinations to new hires

Solution: Bigger buttons used in order to enable the users touch with a glove. The keys assigned to functions are always presented. Only one key is used to reach a function. So that the user does not have to remember key combinations. Instructions are included in order to direct the user.

Launch and Feedback: The product made a pilot launch, actively used for 6 months in an airport. While we were doing the training for the the product at the airport, newly hired baggage handlers were able learn the operation and how to use PDA in about half an hour. Managers were happy to see the new employees we able learn very quickly. We received positive feedback from high level managers of baggage handling company. As a result the agreements were made for launching the product in 3 more airports.

UI and IA Update for Dashboard