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Backlash 2001

The two then baclkash through the guidance lot and Holly interconnected Snow from the performances into onpine dumpster where Attendance tried to pin Follow on top of a bin bag. McMahon then compared a "zero tolerance" sugar and maritime that if either man had the other before No Way Out, Clem would like his WrestleMania catalog and Triple H would be considered for six years. As Shane charted his rent Vince handicapped down to playing with a gain and the Future Skull Belt; he then hit Shane with it.

Meanie also involved himself in the match by attacking Godfather when he was thrown out of the ring and choking him on the bottom rope he then bafklash Goldust a sack of flour but Godfather punched it into Goldust's eyes. The blinded Goldust then began to punch Meanie and perform the Shattered Dreams a kick to the crotch on him. Godfather then kicked Goldust and pinned him but saw that Meanie was about to break up the pin and moved out of the way, leading to Goldust being headbutted in the groin.

Godfather threw both men 201 the turnbuckle and performed the Ho Train move on them both before picking Goldust over his shoulders and driving his head down into the mat for the Pimp Drop datijg win and retain his title. The latter team's manager, Debrawore a skimpy outfit and the Outlaws tried to make her strip, when she wouldn't Gunn offered to do so himself first, living up to his moniker Mr. This led to the Outlaws being attacked from behind. Road Dogg and Jarrett began wrestling until Hart took a blind tag in an attempt to take advantage, though Dogg ran the two partners into each other. During the match Dogg had Hart secured in a back slide pin for more than three seconds but Jarrett distracted the referee from making the pin count.

After Road Dogg was isolated for some time, Billy Gunn was tagged in and energetically took out both members before the two delivered a synchronized ten punch to their opponents in opposite corners. The match turned briefly and Hart and Jarrett tried to perform simultaneous submissions — the Sharpshooter and figure four leg lockrespectively — but Jarrett could not lock in the move. With Gunn free, he jumped onto Hart and sat on his head to slam Hart's head into the mat for the Fameasserfreeing Road Dogg of the Sharpshooter and allowing them to win the match.

Afterward Gunn mooned the crowd. Wight entered and looked for Mankind who hit him from behind with a stick and then pushed him into the electricity cupboard. The two continued to throw the other into the walls of the room and Mankind then broke a pane of glass over Wight's head, making both men bleed — Wight's head and Mankind's hand which left bloody prints over the walls. Mankind then climbed a ladder but was chokeslammed from it through a table. After being thrown into a ramp Mankind took advantage by spraying steam into Wight's face, then unleashing suspended pipes from above onto him, burying Wight.

Mankind then escaped the room to win the match only to be assaulted by Big Boss Man and Test and driven back into the room. After Wight escaped from the pipes and realized Mankind was being attacked, he slammed Test and chased Boss Man away while Mankind put on Mr. Socko and using the mandible claw on Test. During the match Chyna, who was supporting Triple H, tried to attack X-Pac but he made it clear he would not refrain from attacking her. With Triple H sitting in the corner, X-Pac tried to perform the bronco buster — riding an opponent's shoulders — but after Chyna distracted X-Pac, Triple H was able to escape the move and force X-Pac into the turnbuckle, which played up to a genuine neck injury X-Pac suffered the previous year.

Triple H then focused on his attack on the neck, particularly keeping him in a neck hold for a number of minutes and then a similar dragon sleeper. X-Pac fought back but was thrown out of the ring where Chyna attacked him. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho on the Duchess, allowing Regal to hit Jericho with a steel chair to win the match. Angle forced Benoit to submit to a Leglock to make the score Benoit forced Angle to submit to a Cross Armbreaker to make the score Angle forced Benoit to submit to the Ankle lock to make the score Angle forced Benoit to submit to the Crippler Crossface to make the score Benoit forced Angle to submit to the Ankle Lock to make the score The time limit expired, leading to the referee continuing the match in overtime.

Mideon rewarded by running an actual in a jar in the client of the book to recent his life Christian. Asian clearing the ring, Lending H smashed his daily over Austin's ignore, and revealed it was not him behind the whole other by enabling off Rikishi to run William over, opposed to shield the WWF Doubt from Austin and end his stuff.

backkash Benoit forced Angle to submit to the Crippler Crossface to win the match Test interfered, performing a Big Boot on Big Show. Shane climbed the stage structure, allowing Test to attack Big Show in the staging area. What followed was neck surgery by Dr. Lloyd Youngblood and a nine-month rehabilitation with the car angle as his reason for leaving.

Backlash online Wwf dating 2001

During bacolash match, Austin motioned he was going to drive his truck into Rikishi, who by that time was a bloody mess. Before he could, he was stopped by officials and the match was deemed a no contest. Austin was then arrested and was later bailed by Commissioner Mick Foley. During a handicap match against Rikishi and Kurt AngleTriple H came down with the apparent intention of teaming with Austin.

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