Is it weird to date a guy the same height as you

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18 Things Any Girl The Same Height As Her Boyfriend Knows

Short men may also have a richer share of the regional commercial. Do with that what you will. Wine Hayley on Banner.

Short men may also earn a larger share of the household income. The same paper found that 78 percent of short men out-earn their partners, as opposed to 69 percent of average men and 71 percent of tall men. Anthony HarveyGetty Images 5. Research suggests that short men do a larger share of the housework.

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Nov 1, Zs Images I know many an otherwise open-minded woman who swears that she would never date someone shorter than she is, and I ths to count myself among them. Short men are least likely to divorce. According to the CDCthe average height difference between men and women is 5. The CDC has reported that about 59 percent of U. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Dating shorter can help you get over your own insecurities about size.

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Yes, men of all statures are doing less housework than they should how tall are aame men who do 50 percent of it? So much for that deal-breaker. If two people make each other laugh and want to have sex all the time, who cares which one is more compact? One study of college students found that about 50 percent of guys wanted their partners to be shorter than them, while 90 percent of women wanted their partners to be taller than them. Wear whichever killer heels your heart desires.

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